Transformable Huggie Earrings

A Novel Concept by ALINI


Huggie earrings – a style of earrings – that are small in size and hugs the ear so that the earring sits close to your earlobe, is a classic, timeless piece of jewellery that has been around for centuries. Huggie earrings have become increasingly popular, not just for their look but also for their practicality as they tend to be lighter, easy to wear and has a cleaner, more minimal look so is perfect to pair with countless outfits and other pieces of jewellery.

ALINI transformed the Huggie Earrings in a unique way so that they while they can be worn on their own can also be enhanced with a wide range of Drops in hand cut crystals, quartz, lava rocks and pearls in stunning shapes and colors. Changing Drops is a breeze with their unique TwisTlock system, so it’s easy to mix and match to suit different styles, occasions or outfits.

Let us show you how one ALINI pair can be transformed into endless looks!

Start with the Basics and choose the ‘shape’ of HUGGIES you like ( Hoops, Snugs, Kisses or Cuddles) then the colour of metal ( Silver, Gold or Rose Gold) then the finish ( Glossy or Matte). Voila! Remember ALINI Huggies look great worn on their own but also can be paired with a number of Drops to match different colors, outfits, occasions and styles. 

Step up the look with Drops of your choice. Once you’ve decided on the Huggie you like (why stop at one!) then move on to the Drops and choose the shape and color you fancy. Currently we have 38 options and will keep adding more through the year so why stop at one!

Explore from a wide range of shapes, colors and cuts in crystals, lava rocks, quartz and pearls. And if you are confused choose a couple of Drops now as you can easily add to your collection later as EVERY Drop can be inserted in EVERY HUGGIE through our unique TwisTlock system. Our hand crafted drops come in amazing cuts and shapes like Pears, Cushions, Teardrops and Pearls in colours like Amethyst, Rose Pink, Azure, Emerald and Citrine, to name a few. That’s how you create a complete earring collection with just one pair of ALINI’s. Amazing, isn’t it?

Transformable and Versatile. ALINI gives you the freedom to mix and match and allows you to effortlessly change looks to match colors, occasions and outfits to match your lifestyle.

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